Homeopathic Therapy for Individuals to Families in Sarasota, FL WHY "HEALING FROM THE HEART?"

I have come to call my practice "Healing from the Heart" because I believe that all healing is from within, and you are your own best healer. I can help as your guide through the healing process by giving you resources and skills. The mind and body cannot be separated. They are one and the unique combination is you. My thoughts are that almost all complaints/diseases/mental conditions are signals from the mind/body to which we need to pay attention. Symptoms or complaints are simply reminders that we are not in balance.

Healing should be gentle and caring. So the treatments that we employ need to be gentle as well. That is why I recommend natural "supplements" such as yoga, breathing exercises, gentle purification, meditation, music, aromatherapy, healing touch, Qigong, acupuncture, cell salts, homeopathy, and the Bach flower essences as well as other healing techniques. Together we can develop a program for your overall health and wellbeing.

Talking is another gentle therapy that can help you gain a new perspective or reframe an old thought or belief. I want to create a safe haven for you; a space in which you may reflect and review your life experiences, knowing that you are with someone who will not judge you and who is there to protect you and support you with knowledge and encouragement.

Are you willing to commit an hour a day to your health and wellbeing? Are you willing to make small adjustments to your habits that can bring about profound changes? I believe that we all have the capacity to improve our health and promote our own happiness. Shall we begin this most exciting journey together?

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